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I made a business trip to Dallas in Texas in June, 2005.
Because Dallas is not a sightseeing spot, there is not much information on Dallas is in Japan.
I published the following information thinking that everyone can refer them before traveling to Dallas.
The image quality is not good because the photograph is taken with the cell phone camera.


It takes about 12 hours from Narita to Dallas Fort Worth airport (DFW) in the direct flight of American Airlines. The kind of the airplane is a Boeing 777.
If your seat is E, you will feel cramped because the economy seat is the order of AB-CDEFG-HI.


The view from the hotel window.
There is not something especially around. The horizon is seen by 360 degrees. it is vast.
You need a car to move because public transportation hardly exists. The railway is for the merchandise train. Nobody is going out on foot outside except Downtown.


Moreover, the view from the hotel window.
Because Daylight Saving Time is adopted in Texas, it is still bright even about 8PM.
It did not rain while I was staying here in two weeks. It was fine weather every day.


The rolled sushi bought at Tom Thumb (a local supermarket). They are three dollars and 50 cents. The taste was good though there was the one I was not able to recognize what the content was.


Marriott burger ordered from room service. (Marriott is a hotel name where I stayed. )
The pat shoulder bottle is typical Burgundy. The wine is Macon Village.


This is a hotel in Houston.
I made a bussiness trip to Houston while staying in Dallas.
The room is a terribly wide regardless of 130 dollars a night. It provides the refrigerator, the hot plate, the oven, the microwave oven, the pan, tableware, and the fireplace, etc. It seems to be able to live as it is.

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