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This is a shopping mall (Grapevine Mills) of Grapvain at the north of DFW.
It is an origin of the place name Grapvain that wines are made around here.
Such shopping malls where many families and couples visit is scattered in Dallas.


Grapvain Mills is like an outlet shopping mall.
You can find clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, the movie theater, the bookstore, souvenirs, one dollar shops, etc.


This is an entrance of the shopping mall.
It is cool if you enter the shade of trees because of the low humidity.


I went to the Texas motor speedway to see the Indycar series Bombardier Learjet 500K on the weekend.
It is atmosphere like the fortress when seeing the very huge building from a distance.


This is the new circuit completed in 1997, the night race that was brightly lit is very beautiful.
The indycars run oval 1.5 miles course 200 times in the race. Here is a super-high-speed circuit. The indycar exceeds 300 km/h in average.


The Chevrolet/Dallara's Thomas Schechter won the race on this day. Any machine is too fast, and the carbody doesn't reflect in a cell phone camera.
After the race, I cound not hear enough for a while because of the extremely loud engine sound.
By the way, Toyota, HONDA, and Chevrolet supply the engine this year.


I went through the embarkation procedures check-in and security check at DFW airport. No custum, no examination to depart, no Airport tax.
There are duty free shops, Mac, Starbucks, and the souvenir shops, etc. in the terminal.

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