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This is a view of a typical highway.
One side three lanes, there is no guardrail and utility pole. We Japanese are envious of this vastness.


The buildings seen forward is Dallas Downtown.


Here is the assassination place of President Kennedy in Downtown.
It is assumed that he was sniped from the sixth floor of the forward brick making building (the textbook warehouse).
The sixth floor becomes the museum now, and the shooting site and various information are open to the public. The voice guide of Japanese is prepared at the entrance. It is of value to visit though the price is a little high($13).


The city can be seen from the observatory at the western extremity of Downtown. It costs two dollars.
The square building seen above the center is the textbook warehouse. The road curves toward the left of the photograph from there. When the parade car ease up the speed at this curve, the President was sniped.


This is a panorama of Downtown seen from the observatory.


This is the scenery in the direction of the DFW airport seen from the observatory.
The white dome seen at the center of the horizon is Texas Stadium of Dallas Cowboys.There is the DFW airport on the extension line. It is impossible to move if there is no car as you can see.

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