Pentax MZ-S


1. Summary

Renew from MZ-3 to MZ-S in May, 2001.
The most advanced model in the Pentax MZ series.
I didn't feel actually heavy so though it became heavy about 100g.
Basic performance increases in comparison with MZ-3.
And added interesting functions like Pentax functions, the predictive 6-point AF,
mirror up, On-the-film data recording and so on.


2. Operation Panel

operation panel

In the left, Exposure compensation and Auto-bracketing.
In the right, Metering mode lever, a drive mode lever, Tv/mode dial, AE lock.
AF special button in the rear.

3. Main specs


TTL autofocus, auto-exposure multi-mode 35mm SLR with built-in retractable TTL Auto Flash

Lens Mount

Pentax KAF2 bayonet mount compatible with KAF, KA and K mounts.
Lens mount index lamp function available.


Fixed pentaprism type, Field of view: 92% vertically/horizontally, Magnification: 0.75X (with 50mm f/1.4 lens at infinity)

Auto Focus

TTL phase-matching 6-point autofocus system.
Modes: (1) AF-Single (with focus-lock function) (2) AF-Continuous (with Predictive AF mode) (3) Manual focus.
Usable illumination range:EV-1~ EV18 (at ISO 100/m with 50mm f/1.4 lens)


Electronically controlled vertical-run focal-plane shutter

Shutter speed

1/6000~ 30sec, bulb

Exposure mode

(1) Programmed AE; (2) Aperture-Priority AE; (3) Shutter-Priority AE; (4) Metered Manual; (5) Bulb. TTL Programmed Auto Flash available.

Power zoom

Motor-driven zoom with motor built-in lens.

Metering mode

(1) 6-segment multi-pattern metering; (2) Center-Weighted Metering; (3) Spot Metering

Exposure compensation

+/-3EV (1/2EV steps)

Automatic bracketing

Automatic bracketing: 3 frames in 1EV or 1/2EV steps.


electronic type

Photographic Data Imprinting

Data imprinted out of image area. Recordable data: (1) Total number of film rolls; (2) ISO film speed; (3) Information of imprinting density; (4) Exposure mode; (5) Metering mode; (6) Shutter speed; (7) Aperture; (8) Exposure compensation; (9) AEB (Auto-braketing)


Series-control retractable TTL auto flash, Guide number12 (ISO 100/m), Sync speed:1/180sec

Pentax Function

19 custom-programmable functions.


136.5(W) X 95(H) X 64(D)


520g without batteries.


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