Pentax ME-super


1. Summary

I bought it at the Camera store Kimura in shinjuku for 20,300 yen in March, 2002.
This is the first manual camera for me.
I am surprised that basic specifications aren't so different from the latest camera's though it is an old camera.
Because it has just and still played, I will try to use it for a long time variously from now on.

2. Operation Panel


It is simple operation with Aperture-Priority AE and exposure compensation.
There are LEDs that indicate shutter speen, under exposure and over exposure.
They are easy to see.

3. Main specs


TTL auto-exposure 35mm SLR

Lens Mount

Pentax K mount


Fixed pentaprism type, Field of view: 92% vertically/horizontally, Magnification: 0.95X (with 50mm f/1.4 lens at infinity)


Vertical-run focal-plane shutter

Shutter speed

1/2000~ 4sec electrically, 1/125 and bulb mechanically

Exposure mode

(1) Aperture-Priority AE; (2) Metered Manual; (3) Bulb.

Metering mode

Center-Weighted Metering

Exposure compensation

+/-2EV (1EV steps)


Sync speed:1/125sec


131.5(W) X 83(H) X 49.5(D)


450g without batteries.


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