Russian Beauty

1. Summary

A concept is spring of the black sea.
when I make a cocktail, I tried to mix the image of the material in the head in advance. After adding the image,I make a color, distribution and taste that are thought optimum together.
Use actual liquor after that, and I make trial production and make compensation of taste.
This cocktail is the rare cocktail completed in the "above" rather than it was being expected with the head.
Though a degree of alcohol is a little high, it is completed in the taste which is liked by everyone specially by a woman.
It becomes a flavor like the good incense of the goods.I think that it can be drunk deliciously even if a base is changed into Rum or Tequila.

2. Recipe

2/3oz. Vodka
1/3oz. Campari
1/3oz. Cherry Brandy
2/3oz. Orange Juice

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.


russian beauty

3oz. Martini glass

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