Midnight Sun

1. Summary

The depth of the bosom that Vodka can cope with any vice-ingredient brings ruin on it, and there are few decisive cocktails that is typical of Vodka.
So, it is the aim to open up the new stage of Vodka based cocktail.
A combination with the yoghurt that I do not want to make imitation a little with other bases.
Though a vice-ingredient became a point, I tried to appoint Chartreuse Yellow this time.
It is a little watery, though it is completed refinedly.
It is the level in which there is no problem if the yoghurt whose waist is strong is used ,when it is only made.
It seems to be completed in the cocktail which can be drunk very much even if you tried to change Chartreuse into Saronno.

2. Recipe

1oz. Vodka
1/4oz. Chartreuse Yellow
3/4oz. Yogurt
Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

3. Photo

midnight sun

3oz. Martini glass

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