1. Summary

This Triade is the 100th work!
From now on, I am going to modify the recipe that I am anxious about in 1-2 months.

I intended to make it a little rare, I tried to use Calpis.
I fit Calpis to Vodla because I didn't have the courage fitted it to Gin and Tequila.
Because an Intact Calpis seems to be truly thick, I thined it with the water in three times. (though the recommendable dilution is five times)

I feel it is for summer and delicious when you drink it while looking at the sea.

2. Recipe

1oz. Vodka
1/2oz. Creme de Framboise
1/3oz. Water
1teaspoonful Calpis

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.



Baccarat Harcourt

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