Blue Eyes

1. Summary

The work which was conscious of summer.

Because Tequila and Charleston Blue's have the taste that came out through something, I put Suze as bitters which filled up the taste.
In the case of Blue Eyes, you had better be careful, because the color becomes very close to green when you put Suze too much.
It seems to be delicious while it gets cold well because it is sweet.

When you use the glass like Baccarat that has the big heat capacity, it is desirable to cool a glass itself, too.

I used Mariachi for Tequila, and Baccarat Vega that is art of the light.
Suze is made by Perno Ricard. Charleston is made by Marie Brizard.

2. Recipe

2/3 Tequila
1/3 Charleston Blue's
1teaspoonful Suze

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

3. Photo

blue eyes

Baccarat crystal Vega Martini glass

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