Dark Horse

1. Summary

An aromatic cocktail of Tequila.

Because it was made by horse's neck style, I decided this name.
You have to be careful of matching of the tastes corresponding to the ingredients, because aroma of Rosso and Apcicot and the harmony of freshness of the lemon are important for this cocktail.

A change will go into recipe when it is renewed next time, because the allowable range of the taste is very small.
Incidentally I have to say that the photograph of the bottom is a failure work perfectly, because the taste isn't reflected by a photograph. Possibly, it is not Rosso but dry vermouth may be better.

2. Recipe

1/2 Tequila
1/4 Sweet Vermouth
1/4 Apricot Brandy

Place the lemon peel inside a wine glass so that it curls over the edge.
Pour the ingredients over the ice.


dark horse

Baccarat 7oz. Capri

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