Snow Fairy

1. Summary

The Long drink like Blue Martarita.
The taste of the base is left firmly, I feel it is suitable for the Tequila lover.
Zima is easy to handle to use for the cocktail, though it isn't popularized easily.
Squeeze lime a little, and put it. Hide it in the ice when you squeezed it too much and crushed it. Though you doesn't need to hide it...
First of all, it is a point to leaves the flavor of Mint.
"Snow Fairy" is delicious so that you may not misunderstand.
Though the looks might be better when it is abundant in salt, I make it little because it is me to drink it later.

2. Recipe

1oz. Tequila
1/2oz. Blue Curacao
1teaspoonful Peppermint White

Use 8oz. tumbler. Frost the rim of the glass with salt. Fill up with Zima. Decorate with a slice of lime.

3. Photo

snow fairy

8oz. tumbler

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