Irish Choco

1. Summary

A theme is the nightcap cocktail which Beileys' was used for.
I tried to make this cocktail because I had a little stuck in the eyes, though I think that it is was the most delicious to drink by straight.White Rum was particularly used to give a feeling of the transparency to the base in the taste.
Saronno is the hidden taste.Grenadine is used for adjustment of color and sweetness.
You should pay attention to the combination of Grenadine and Baileys', because it hardens in the bottom if it doesn't shake strongly.

2. Recipe

1/3 White Rum
2/3 Baileys'
1dash Disaronno Amaretto
1teaspoonful Grenadine

Shake well and strain into 3oz. Martini glass. Nutmeg is optional.

3. Photo

irish choco

3oz. Martini glass

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