Malibu Beach

1. Summary

The tropical cocktail which Malibu was used for.
A taste can't match when I actually trid to put Malibu, cacao (brown) and fresh cream together, though I was thinking about Malibu version of Alexander at first.
A cacao was changed to Blue Curacao.
Malibu is rum which has coconuts flavor and smells like SunOil. A decoration such as a pineapple is free by the taste.
It becomes Platinum Blonde when we changed Malibu to light rum, and Blue Curacao to Cointreau.It becomes Parisian Blonde when we changed Malibu to Jamaican Rum, and Blue Curacao to Orange Curacao.
Recently, I discovered recently that there was a cocktail of the same name. But the recipe is different. so I do not pay attention to that.

2. Recipe

1oz. Malibu
1oz. Blue Curacao
1oz. Fresh Cream

Shake well and strain into Champagne glass.

3. Photo

mailbu beach

4oz. Saucer shaped Champagne glass

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