1. Summary

The hot cocktail made of Amaretto.
The thouhgt was optimistic that the color of Pastis would turn white ,when it was added to the hot water. Pastis doesn't turn white when it is added to the hot water ! ,though I didn't know ! I think many people don't know that.

However, a name is Snowman.
It seems to have the taste that snowman favors. (lie..)

This snowman is deep and warm us though a drink usually gets us tired halfway when it is 8oz. without ice.

2. Recipe

2/3oz. DiSaronno Amaretto
1/2oz. Pastis
1/2oz. DOM Liqueur

Use 8oz. heatproof tumbler and fill up with very hot water.

3. Photo


8oz. Heat proof tumbler

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