1. Summary

A creative cocktail based on "Shirobamba".
I expressed Shirobamba(little white creature floating so that even cotton trash may dance) by snow sytle of the sugar, and the rouge of the sunset by Grenadine and Kei Kua Li Hong.
The extract of Kei Kua of Kei Kua Chen Chiew is left as it is, and it is completed in the cute taste.
It is still good when Shizuoka mandarin is used instead of orange.

2. Recipe

1oz. Kuei Hua Chen Chiew
1/2oz. Southern Comfort
1/2oz. Orange Juice
1dash Sirop de Grenadine

Use 3oz. cocktail glass. Frost the rim of the glass with sugar. Shake ingredients well and strain into the glass.

3. Photo


3oz. Martini glass

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