Baileys' Cafe

1. Summary

A concept is the nightcap cocktail of Bayleys' base.
Select material in the hint of Cafe a la creme. Though the person who put an accent ofcognac can become rich mood, it isn't clear whether the person who drinks notices it because of the resistance of other smells.
I used Courvoisier VSOP and I used Baccarat Harcourt which used a pattern since 1825 before artnouveau.
Just because it is a nightcap, it is a point to use the glass which doesn't fracture so easily so that you may sleep and may not to break it.

2. Recipe

4/5 Baileys
1/5 Kahlua
1dash Cognac

Shake well and strain into small old fashioned glass or Sherry glass.

3. Photo

baileys' cafe

Baccarat 4oz. Harcourt

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