1. Summary

The cocktail of Ricard.
I used Ricard for the base, since I made French98 first.
This time, I make the most of the characteristic of Ricard and adopt the form that is filled with Mineral-water.
Because the taste of Ricard was too powerful, I made it weak by adding Chartreuse and lemon, and it was collected with blue curacao included coloring.
The name Mistral is based on the image of Mistral from the Alps.
It was completed with the mild and beautiful taste rather than I was thinking.
French make various liqueur. I wonder if they drink as it is.

2. Recipe

1/2oz. Ricard
1oz. Chartreuse Yellow
2teaspoonful Blue Curacao
1teaspoonful lemon juice

Use 8oz. tumbler. Fill up Mineral-water and stir. Decorate with slices of fluit in season.

3. Photo


8oz. tumbler

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