Sylvan Breeze

1. Summary

A concept is a cool cocktail which the mint was used for.
Because it didn't do easily only with Mint, I tried to use Dita for vice-ingredient. Mint and Dita matches well rather than I imaged. And, the rest was filled with grapefruit juice to add refreshing.
I tried to exhibit a petit tomato, because the thing which was like wood was not here though I wanted to decorate it in relation with the name Sylvan Breeze.
When I drink it, the smell of a petit tomato which is cut off was floating faintly, and it was completed in cocktail which was not ashamed of the name.

2. Recipe

1/2oz. Peppermint Green
1/2oz. Dita
1oz. Grapefluit Juice
1d Orange Bitters

Shake well and strain into 3oz. Martini glass.

3. Photo

sylvan breeze

3oz. Martini glass

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