1. Summary

A theme is gin-gin-gin as the name.

Mix Gin & Sloe Gin & Ginger Ale.
It becomes another thing as for the Gin-Buck, though it is based on the amount of sloe gin, because sloe flavor of sloe gin is added.
A taste is Ramune (Lemonade) style.

For the one who feels too sweet in this, Use a saucer shaped champagne glass and shake gin(2/3), sloe gin(1/6), and fill up Ginger Ale(1/6). I think it may be good.
First of all, I named it even gin-gin-gin champagne style.

2. Recipe

1oz. London Dry Gin
1oz. Sloe Gin

Use 8oz. tumbler and fill up with Ginger Ale.
Decorate with slices of fruit in season.

3. Photo


8oz. tumbler

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