1. Summary

The garden plant of my house, Manryo(A top page reference.) came to the house, and it was made as 6-month celebration.
It isn't rolling so easily in the side though I thought to use the good economic material with... because it is a good economic name.
So, the recipe is decided as the arrangement of MillionDollar which has the good economic name widely in the same way.
They are only gin and rosso to say as the arrangement of MillionDollar. To think that Manryo is an arrangement to sour cocktail of original form (gin & it) of Martini is easy to understand.

2. Recipe

5/3oz. London Dry Gin
2/3oz. Sweet Vermouth
1teaspoonful lemon juice

Pour the ingredients into small old fashioned glass.
Decorate with slices of lemon.

3. Photo


6oz. Picardi

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