1. Summary

The theme is the cocktail like the frost that Cointreau is used for.
The taste of mint comes first. Then the fruit taste of Cointreau and Blueberry comes.
Cointreau becomes white when ice is put and cooled as White Lady and its sister cocktails are so. This time, I tried to use it for the base boldly.
Though it is sweet, it becomes the cocktail that is well-balanced and is easy to drink.
There is no problem when you think that Cointreau, Triple sec and White curacao is the same.

2. Recipe

1/2 Cointreau
1/4 Blueberry Liqueur
1/4 Peppermint White
1teaspoonful Lemon juice

Shake well and strain into 4oz. Saucer Champagne glass.

3. Photo


4oz. Saucer Champagne glass

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