1. Summary

Because I had been in the neighborhood of Izu during the business trip, all the way I tried to make it in accordance with the pure image of "Odoriko in Izu".
Both a lemon and sugar seem to be indispensable when I tried to have a taste. This cocktail has the typical fizz style.
I used Baccarat Rohan, the masterpiece of the crystal(1855-year Paris international exposition honor big prize winning) that a delicate etching like a mist is skillful with the elegant design.

2. Recipe

1jigger Peach Tree
1jigger Midori (Melon Liqueur)
1tsp. Sirop de Gomme
2tsp. Lemon Juice

Use wine glass and fill up with soda-water. Decorate with flowers in season.

3. Photo


Baccarat Rohan

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