1. Summary

Bourbon, Cherry blossoms rice cake and popcorn.
It does not have the taste that surprised us beyond the looks, but it has the future-like taste that dresses itself up softly.

You may not be able to get the popcorn liqueur if you don't go to the foreign liqueur specialty store. I bought it at the Aizawa liqueur store along the Jinma-Kaido of Hachioji.

Of course, the point is to make the most of Bourbon, Zubrowka and Pop Corn Liqueur.
I used Barrett's for Bourbon.

2. Recipe

1oz. Bourbon
1/2oz. Pop Corn Liqueur
1/2oz. Zubrowka
1teaspoonful Di Saronno Amaretto

Use 8oz. tumbler and fill up with Soda-water.
Decorate with a slice of lime.

3. Photo


Baccarat Talleyrand

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