Rusty Knife

1. Summary

The arrangement of Rusty Nail.It is intense.
Exhausting from summer heat will be blown off.

It seems to be easy to drink a little more Chartreuse Yellow.
Drumbuie was put in the excuse in the thing of the cause of the arrangement.
In short, flavor doesn't have a big influence only with the problem of a feeling.

The naming Rusty Knife parodies Canadian Yellow Knife and Rusty Nail.
I put it in the Bourbon Base for convenience' sake because there is no close classification besides though Canadian Club is not Bourbon.

2. Recipe

1.5oz. Canadian Club
1/2oz. Chartreuse Yellow
1teaspoonful Lemon juice
2dashes Drumbuie

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass.

3. Photo

rusty knife

Baccarat crystal Harcourt

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