Bloody Tomato

1. Summary

Bourbon & Tomato.
Somehow we can not find "Bloody-(something)" that is based on Bourbon. I think it would not taste good.
Well, I had throught that Zubrowka suited Bourbon fine, I chose at once Zubrowka for the partner.

After smoothing the taste by Maraschino, I added some spice by Aromatic Bitters.

This cocktail tastes heavy, it tastes like a soup. I feel that it will become more tasty with making more improvement.
This time, I used Jim Beam & Polmos Zubrowka produced of Poland.

2. Recipe

1.5oz. Bourbon
1/2oz. Zubrowka
2teaspoonful Maraschino
1dash Aromatic Bitters

Use 10oz. tumbler and top up with Tomato Juice.
Decorate with slices of fruit in season.
Salt and pepper is optional.

3. Photo

bloody tomato

10oz. tumbler

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