1. Summary

This is the reverse-version of Americano that was born in Italy. The recipe is as follows. Campari 1oz., Sweet Vermouth 1oz., and so-da water

First of all, I decided to use ingredients made in U.S.. Then I select Bourbon for the base. If it is mixed with so-da water, I would not found nothing new in Italiano. Next,I select Orange Juice to dilute Bourbon.
I used Southern Comfort to act go between them, because I had known that Bourbon cound not match Orange Juice.

When I produced as an experiment, they did not mix. Then I use Grenadine to balance them and to color.

This cocktail may be different cocktail by the next renewal.

I used Early Times that is around, you had better use the weak-taste-Bourbon. Canadian Club may be suitable for this cocktail.

2. Recipe

1oz. Bourbon
1oz. Southern Comfort
1teaspoonful Grenadine
Use 10oz. tumbler and fill with Orange Juice
Decorate with slices of fruit in season

3. Photo


10oz. tumbler with 4 surfaces cutted flat

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