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openCanvas Memo - Record & show your painting way -
main use : openCanvas v2.xx - main menu & menu window

openCanvas download corner

1. Finished painting? or Open the "xxx.oci"(oC's default format) file!
Click the "(N)" from main menu.

Choose the "(S)"
or"(G)"(it means save for "protected" file)

Then, name & save your file. The "xxx.oes" file is the movie-file of your painting way.
2. The "xxx.oes" file(created from 1st step) is the movie-file of your painting way.

You can make zip or lzh file from that, and also you can upload to your site, show your friend or people your painting movie...

If you want to see the movie(painting way), Drag&Drop the "xxx.oes" or "xxx.wpe"(old oC's format) file on the oC-icon.

Seeing the movie of painting process is very enjoyable and exciting thing...
I hope you enjoy them too.