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Redraw glitches: I have some glitches in masked area while mouse dragging. I don't know how to fix it. That's beyond my Flash knowledge.

For iCab users: this movie seems not to work properly in iCab. Please use other browsers.

Important: Those great samples are not mine, I was just so impressed by those cool images and asked original creators to let me use them with a little Flash trick to show Occlusion shader's effect more clearly.

Cool image by Giovanni Succi. This impressive usage of Occlusion made me came up with this masking Flash movie idea :-) Thank you very much, Giovanni-san.

Many samples by Yoshiteru Enomoto. This man is my (mental) master even if he wouldn't admit me as his disciple. Too bad he didn't want me to include the link to his site.

Note: Occlusion is a cool free shader from KONKEPTOINE