Important: I'm so sorry for the wrong information. For this example, MFSaver_R is unnecessary.

MForged cube test / No bumps at all!!

One day, I was seeking how to make a brushed metal cube with MForge. Of course I can use bump textures, but it tends to show heavy lines. I just couldn't get the look I wanted. Then, the idea just came up out of the blue. MForge has cool sidekicks called MFSavers!!

This is a testing for this possibility.

Note: I didn't use any bumps at all.

With MForge (Aniso 1, Aniso 2, Reflectivity, Reflection)

No MForge. Just bitmaps which would be used as a reactive base for MForge. MFSaver_R makes it possible!!

"LINK: MF's Reactive Master tab"


MForge + MFSaver_R + bitmaps

Material A and B have different settings in Anisotropy tab, Diffuse & Bump tab, and EI Reflectivity Amount in Reactive Master tab.

I guess, it should be tweaked more, but it shows possibility.