Welcome to the English section in my site. So far, only these tips were translated into English.

Texture Fall Off (9/23/1999)

Edge Outline (3/14/2000)

COne test (3/27/2001)

Some consideration of Surface Editing... (5/31/2001)

Separator in selection set menu (1/14/2002)
To add a separator, just make a new set starting with a "-".

Modeler Shortcut Keys (2/23/2002)

Using Guide Objects in Bezier Edit Mode (3/4/2002)

MForged Cube Test (3/25/2002)
Important: I'm so sorry for the wrong information. For this example, MFSaver_R is not necessary.

DCam Script (3/28/2002) Updated: 6/14/2002

Bezier curve handles and NURBS curve hulls (4/14/2002)

Material pasting (5/21/2003)

Konkeptoine's Occlusion samples (5/21/2003)

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