Modeler tips #08
Bezier curve handles and NURBS curve hulls (4/14/02)

Control Hull On NURBS is also useful while fixing imported EPS curve's integrity (you know, broken handle, handle length, position, etc). Just lock the original curve, and edit duplicated curve referring original's handles (but snapping doesn't work with locked objects).

But there's more!! If you're not familiar with the NURBS curve drawing, Control Hull On NURBS option might be a help.

First, draw a Bezier curve (Everybody can use Bezier Tool comfortably. Right?).

The result.

Enable Control Hull On NURBS in Modeler's Preferences. Now look at Bezier handles (displayed like NURBS hulls).

Select Create New NURBS Curve From CVs Tool. As shown above, click where the first knot of Bezier placed, then all the handle points, and double-click the last knot.

Compare the shapes of two curves (Control Hull On NURBS are disabled for clarity). Quite close. This procedure may help you to get a grip on NURBS drawing. Or maybe you don't even need actual Bezier curve as a guide. Just draw with Create New NURBS Curve From CVs Tool, imagining where you would place Bezier handle points if you're using Bezier Tools;-)

Of course, this hint doesn't work for more complicated shapes. But it sure helps for a basic lesson, I believe. Actually, for me, it did.

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