Modeler tips #07
Using guide objects (3/4/02)

This is an ashtray model I used for RTS test

It's a basic source of the model, star-shaped wire. I will explain how I made this wire (just wire only, no further modeling is explained).

First, I noted that 12 concave and convex is located in every 30 degrees.

So, my plan is;

1. Make a piece of wire which shapes one pair of concave and convex.

2. Linear copy.

3. Connect all wire pieces to a single wire.

Of course, I guess there're various other ways to create such star-shaped wire. And it's not a difficult shape. Purpose here is to show some examples of using guide objects.

First, in the top view, create a vertical guide line with Line Tool. And right half of convex, and left half of concave with Bezier Tool.

Zoomed view. Vertical line must be exactly matched to Z axis. And left knot of convex and right knot of concave must be touched Z axis (X position=0), and their handles must be perfectly horizontal. Please see the figure.

Other knots will be deleted after joining, so their position is unimportant.
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