Modeler tips #06
Shortcut keys for EIM (2/23/02)

Notes: some of these shortcuts only work for Universe 3 and/or Universe 4.

IMPORTANT: Not all of them are found in EIM manuals. Some may not work. So, if you have any troubles by using them, please don't blame it on me or EI Inc. Nobody wants them to ban this listing!! Right?

cmd: command key
opt: option key
ctr: control key

Contextual menu
[ctr+click] contextual menu
Selecting tools
[cmd+P] Pick tool
[cmd+M] Free Move tool
[cmd+R] Free Rotate tool
[0-9, +, -] switch activated tool within palette
[opt+click (label)] toggle icon/text
[double-click (null space)] open/close all palettes within toolbar
[opt+double-click (null space)] toggle icon/text for all palettes
[spacebar+drag] scroll
Files menu
[cmd+N] New
[cmd+O] Open
[cmd+W] Close Window
[cmd+S] Save
[cmd+Q] Quit
Edit menu
[cmd+Z] Undo
[cmd+shift+Z] Redo
[cmd+X] Cut
[cmd+C] Copy
[cmd+V] Paste
[cmd+A] Select All
[cmd+shift+A] Deselect All
[cmd+T] Toggle Background
Object menu
[cmd+I] Element Info
[cmd+M] Translate
[cmd+R] Rotate
[cmd+D] Duplicate
[cmd+K] Lock Selected
[cmd+H] Hide Selected
[cmd+shift+H] Show Hidden
Tessellation menu
[cmd+E] Regenerate
Windows menu
[cmd+1] New 3D View
[cmd+L] Show Layer Window
[cmd+G] Show View Manager Window
[cmd+U] Show Workplanes Window
[cmd+I] Element Info Window
[spacebar+drag] pan
[cmd+shift+spacebar+drag] orbit
[O+drag] orbit
[cmd+spacebar+drag] interactive zoom
[opt+drag] zoom (by region/dragged area)
[opt+click] zoom in
[shift+opt+click] zoom out
[F+click] fit
[shift+F+click] fit to selected item
[ctr] toggle Immediate/Complete temporarily
[opt+V+click] toggle Simple Wireframe/Smooth Shade
[I+click] toggle Isoparm (useful while pick edges with Round tool;-)
[H+click] toggle Control Hull (in Surface Edit mode)
Grid Snap
[F5] toggle Grid Snap
[F6] double snap distance
[shift+F6] half snap distance
Pick Filter
[opt+E+E] enable Edge filter
[opt+F] enable Face filter
[opt+B] enable Body filter
Move, Rotate, Scale Tools
[F3] toggle Collision Detection
[C+drag] enable Collision Detection temporarily
constrain snapping to workplane (ver 1.5)
[X/Y/Z+drag] constrain to axis
[D+drag] duplicate
UberNURBS Edit Mode
[tab+click] toggle Surface visibility
[shift+tab+click] toggle CV visibility
[V+click] reverse Cull Backfaces
[T+click] toggle Cage visibility
[X/Y/Z+drag] constrain to axis
[N+drag] constrain to normal
[R+drag] rotate
[S+drag] scale
[W+drag] edit weight
[K+drag] disable Symmetry temporarily
[M+R+click] merge UN body
[cmd+shift+W] save selected elements as a set (check Status Window)
[ctr+numeric key] load saved set
[opt+ctr+numeric key] replace existing set
[shift+drag] (with Visibility Tool) show hidden elements
NURBS Surface Edit Mode
[N+click] add another face to edit mode
[tab+click] toggle Surface visibility
[shift+tab+click] toggle CV visibility
[H+click] toggle Control Hull visibility
[U/V+click (CV)] select CVs along with U/V direction
[U/V+click] limit operation to U/V direction
(with tools like Subdivide Surface, Add Isoparm)
[U/V/I+click] limit operation to U/V or interchange directions
(effective for Reverse Parametrization Tool)
[X/Y/Z+drag] constrain to axis
[R+drag] rotate
[S+drag] scale
[W+drag] edit weight
[L+click] align to a line (the first two selected CVs as a reference)
[P+click] align to a face (the first three selected CVs as a reference)
[K+click] align to a point (to the center of selected CVs)
Please see the manual!!
[T+drag] change Tangent Scale after Tangent Continuity operation
[R+drag] change Curvature Ratio after Curvature Continuity operation
[shift+drag] (with Visibility Surface Edit Tool) show hidden Hull
[shift+click (Reduce Knots Tool] Boundary-Constrained Surface Rebuilding
please see "Universe_4.pdf"
NURBS Curve Edit Mode
[N+click] add another curve to edit mode
[W+drag] edit weight
[P+double-click] project curve onto the active workplane
Bezier Edit Mode
[shift+drag] break handle/edit only one side of handle
[P+double-click] project curve onto the active workplane
Polyline Edit Mode
[P+double-click] project polyline onto the active workplane
Round/Chamfer Tool
[E+drag] scale Radius (Left Radius)
[E+R+drag] scale Radius (Right Radius)
[P+drag] move Radius
Knife Tool
[R] reverse the knife direction temporarily
[shift] toggle Split/Cut option temporarily
For some tools in Ver 4.0 or later
[esc] cancel