(Updated: 6/14/2002)


AR_PseudoCamera was coded in C by Andres Ramirez. It's a true application and far better than my lousy script. Super fast and easy to use.

He generously offers this great program to everyone, but use at your own risk.
You can download it here

Thanks, Andres-san!


DCam script

Pseudo Camera works with Universe, but doesn't name the Camera temp files with numbering any more. Temp file is always named as "Camera.ccn". So, if you use Pseudo Camera with Universe, you can make only one temp file unless you change the saved Camera.ccn file's name manually or move Pseudo Camera to other place or something like that.

What's more, there's OS X issue. Pseudo Camera will launch the Classic environment. So, I made an empty AppleScript to use as substitution. Since then, I've been haunted with the idea to make better script with sequential naming feature.

I hardly know about AppleScript. Almost nothing at all. I didn't know how to tell the script the path to itself—where it resides. Guess how I felt when I found out it's "path to me" !! Path to me? Sounds like a joke:-) Anyway, after numerous web-searching and trial and error, somehow I managed to make it up.

[How to use]

Simply Control+Go to DCam_E just as Pseudo Camera. After saving "Camera.ccn" file, a dialog comes up and asks you to type in a new name. If you'd like to name as you like, just type in and OK. Or more simple, just type the return key leaving the name as default "ccn".

DCam_E script will rename the Camera.ccn file with numbering using the new name you typed or default—like "ccn_1", "ccn_2", "ccn_3".

Now my English fails me :-(
Maybe you don't understand my description. Anyway, use this script if you want to save multiple Camera temp files without leaving Universe. And just type the return key when you see the new name entry dialog. Just leave the renaming to the script. It works!!

Note 1: numbering has no fixed digit. I also made the one with "001", "002" type numbering, but I believe it's redundant. It just makes my inefficient scripting worse. So, I chose the simple one.

Note 2: If you use shareware utility "Default Folder X", make sure your version is 1.1 or later. Ver 1.0 slows dialog in Universe.

I tested with Universe 3 (OS9) and Universe 4 (OS9, OS X). So far, it works without any trouble. But I told you I hardly know AppleScript. So, use at your own risk.

I included editable file. Feel free to modify as you like.

Download: DCam_E version 1.0.1 (3/27/02)