Pasting material: 2 ways (Apr 19 '03)   (Japanese page)

If you're using Universe 5, you need to update to version 5.0.4.
Thank you very much for the fix/re-implement, Matt-san and the Animator team. m(_ _)m

(update: May 21, 2003)

I love this feature, but with version 5 (I believe), it's gone!!!
With Universe 5, pasting-with-Material-Editor-open is broken. I hope they will fix with future update.

Important: this only works with models' position untouched after importing to Universe. Won't work with UberShape and models moved in Universe. Unless you export those models as FactSnapshot and re-import.
note: pasted texture's offset amount depends on models' original positions, so even if you move objects in Animator, this won't make any difference to the offset. In other words, you can't change amount of offset within Animator. You must change the models' position in your modeling program, or move them in Animator and use FactSnapshot workaround.

The scene has eight cubes (10x10x10 size) and one hidden cube (20x20x20 size). The big cube is used as master for mapping purpose only. First, set up material with the big cube model.
Or you can use Olbicard's great free plugin "Texturer". Just link all 10x10x10 cubes to the Texturer, then set up material with Texturer and copy the material and unlink the models.

Now here's pasting part. There're two ways. Material Editor open or closed.

Method A
If you paste material to each cubes one by one with Material Editor open and frontmost, then you can get above result (image on the right: I moved one of cubes to show its boundary). Texture positions are matched :-)


Method B
If you select all cubes and paste with Material Editor closed (or background), then your result would be something like this (for the text "test" texture, Negative Z is disabled. Centered by method B pasting, this texture gives no effect at all to the cubes). Exactly same results with Master Material.

It's written in Japanese, but here's another sample.
3rd image: Paste with Material Editor open
4th image: with Material Editor closed

Just in case, I upload the project file.
download (Universe 4 project file)

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