5 Possibility of ART SPACE



The conviction of the self-existence

A lonely process

The internal standard of oneself

The awakening of the latent ability

Unification of all the ability




The development of the material


Though it is omitted, there are all relations in the above-mentioned key word here.
It thinks that it will be stated about the future subject. It is stated about the above picture basic system before that.
Every element of the picture, the element which is common to all the human beings were extracted, and art picture basic system made my theory a base, and it was put in order rationally, and systematized, and it did organic combination.

This picture basic system is a mere tool. development application effect spider, too. What should I do with the case such as watercolor if only consciousness has this pile by three steps? It knows this gradually by the experience, too.

The knack which becomes good is to try to play. It can get acquainted when colors are put on the writing brush and ... is done so. It is because the various handwriting and mixinig condition of the colors can be grasped. There is much application of the picture basic system.

Well, it is a future subject. So that it may be understood in the upper figure, ..

This creative power opens the world of sketch first ...

Next, a color is made to bloom.

Next, it is awakened to the shape as the description to the interior and the picture.

Next, which deviates from the general idea of the material and the tool.

To the unconscious world as well, it has been conscious.

What should we do from now?

As for one, as for looking for picture true nature stare at stare at try one Orient-like calmness, one more faces art, as for removing the power, as for only enjoying it, in the technology that different category which stops one more picture is given, chopsticks , .......

I sometimes feel one now. It is a mind(japanese-ki). It feels the eternal energy of this mind in the work which is suitable for the art. If it says conversely, though it is the thing of whether to have a mind stored on the screen how, ...

At any rate, I am ... during a walk.