The first-step monoral tone drawing


This step is a grade to be equivalent to the bone set. The frame-making which it has firmly has an influence to the end.

The thing that it should be done

composition, related to the position

A color to use

Decide the color which becomes the main thing from the image (sensitivity) that it is completed.Then, use the complementary color.Use a color (complementary color, white, black) when lowering sometimes a degree of a color.


A sketch by the density

Hold a sketch by the density by using the complementary color of the assertion color at this grade.Let's stabilize the one related to the position of the thing and the size firmly because it is a sketch.
I introduce how can to grasp space easily here.Let's grasp canvas as three dimensions, and try to complete space personally.

See this figure.It is an apple that it seems to be red.As for the position of the apple, it is understood that it is depth 3 by this figure.Then, the position of the background made it depth 9.It doesn't care even about the depth 7 separately.Contrast is decided by this one related to the position.


Move a background to the position of the depth 9 (brightness 1).

Make it over with the dark color of the brightness 1.


Move it to the position of the depth 3 (brightness 7).

Use the colors of the brightness to the background from the position of the apple.In other words, use the colors of the range of the brightness 3 from the brightness 7.

Formula 1.

The brightness of the position.>Contrast >The brightness of the background.

A picture is made like this by the writer's intention.It is not that you should do this strictly .Colors are to be mixed even in canvas, and try various ..s toward an approximate goal of this only.It does like this, and use volatile turpentine oil as the beginning. Gradually, draw it by using painting oil and so on, and go.It is formed, and a space like the vacuum which is not here goes for both the air and light.Only a feeling of the existence is only formed, and go.The first step is completion if canvas is satisfied in the shade of the complementary color and it becomes saturation condition.It becomes the result returned to the cause that it is drawn too much.Develop the eye which an experience is repeated to and which sees it.