A writer's position

0 Inspilation, concept.
1 The conscious world or the world which isn't conscious, that fusion or combination.
2 If it is interior, superficially, or, fusion, combination.
3 motif and the choice of the material, a combination, composition.
4 The choice of the technology and the technology, composition, combination.
5 environment.


Divide material roughly, and sort it in the positive material and the negative material.
Positive material : color and line, a molding element,etc.
Negative material : the thing of the colors and the writing brush,etc.

0: The preparation of newtral space (canvas and drawing paper), choice.
1: Positive material.
2: Negative material.
3: The agreement of the material of the plus and minus, inconsistency.
4: The accident of the material of the plus and minus, response, .
5: Motif, model.

As for the above material, it is an element to compose the space of the picture . I explain a little more next about the material.


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