2 Technique of history

Well, we have seen a historical masterpiece easily so far. I have put emphasis only on the skill law.However, a work gets over the age. Then, it transmits writer's humanity. Let's learn artistry and technology with the help of your having written it down until now.

1 SKETCH( form)
2 Flowering of colors
3 From the grasping .. sketch .. color of form, sketch by the color ..color floor .. color
4 handwriting
5 The expression world expands it. (interior description)
6 deformation and the simplification of form.
7 The interpretation of Paul Cezanne
8 The introduction of other culture
9 A deviation from the writing brush
10 A deviation from the colors
11 The unconscious world including consciousness

Next, let's try to presume the universe of the material the position of the composed writer (the space of the picture )!